Friday, July 7


So I’m back at work. I’ve been broke for a while now and I got my old job WRIT back. So once again I shall be mad stressed and posting more regularly, since it seems that work is the only place I really did before (must be the forced free time). In addition my second summer session starts on Monday. So summer is over now, in July…Whatever I was bored more often than not while unemployed. So I went camping last weekend with Mike, Dave, Ricky and Matt. It was a blast. I’m not very outdoorsy but my good time was fueled by beer and hotdogs cooked on an open fire. This week has been a bit of a blur. I haven’t been doing much of anything really exciting; playing a lot of board games and hanging about with friends. Next week I have to kick it into gear if I want to be at College Park in January. This weekend is the last hurrah for a while so hopefully after I get off work I’ll make the rounds. My Bengali Tiger seems to be settling down nicely on the far shore, his manifest destiny at hand, and I couldn’t be happier for him. On the gossip front there have been a few more developments. The wronged wife has moved out as well and the vile husband is preparing to move in next door. My stomach turns on a regular basis these days, there a few more stories to tell that I think are more disgusting but I have to get back to changing the way all the files face (Corporate America sucks).

Listening to We Hate It When Our Friends Become Successful by Morrissey and A Good Day by Smart Went Crazy. The first song is in no way a sign of my jealously towards anyone, its just a really good song. Also I have found my theme song: Flamboyant by The Pet Shop Boys…hence the post title.