Thursday, March 30

Fighting In Built Up Areas/Opps

Shit I forgot to mention...Ladytron with the French Kicks at the 9:30 Club for just 15 bucks on April 14th...Done and done. Anybody want to come call me.

View Form The Afternoon

My hope that my week would be light was for once founded in reality. After that Spring Break I need a vacation. I have been shirking my parental, educational, and work duties but that will stop next week. This weekend will hopefully be good. Tonight to get it started early I’m dining with Harry at the ‘Guap in honor of either a grand coaching victory or if he lost; something else. Friday is as yet unscheduled, whatever happens happens but one can only assume something bad for my health and well being. Saturday I pick up the finally returned Shah from his expedition to La-La Land. He comes being magnificent gifts the these strange lands though. Sophia Copula Caned Champagne. You read that right people… Sophia Copula Caned Champagne! Maybe California is not all bad…I was having a great discussion on Tuesday with Harry about the state of the world and the Israeli elections in particular. Thank the powers that be and people of that wounded land that the Kadima won the day. However the new Palestinian cabinet was also sworn in today. Neither side is right, neither wrong. I’m just glad that the moderates are in power in at least one of the areas. After that conversation we discussed another interesting little tidbit. Did anyone else notice the turn out for Slobodan Milosevic’s funeral. There were far too many mourners for a mass murderer. The way the news covered it was also a bit to kind in my opinion anyway. Well we have contractors at the house today. Replacing the mantels, leveling the pavement, this is after the re-painting. The move is well underway. Salisbury is the final destination apparently, Lewis was my hope…hopefully I will be elsewhere (college…real college) when my parents become full fledged county bumpkins. I’m not sure why I’m so militant against the Eastern Shore. Its placid and idyllic. I have never really spoken to anyone who hasn’t been nice. It’s just the idea on no museums and galleries, no more trendy bars (not that I every really got to many). My social network, which I’m quite pleased with, dies essentially. Maryland please accept me! I shall not leave the post so downcast however…fear not. My internet lately as been working again at home…Warcraft here I come (I’m a nerd I know…I prefer dweeb though).

Listening to Riot Van by The Artic Mokeys,
Go by 1905, and Grand Thieft Autumn by Braid

Tuesday, March 28

Bottle Up And Explode

So my weekend did not work out the way that I had exactly expected. However it was still very good. Friday, instead of seeing Shah to say good bye (stupid underage drinking laws), I hung out with Harry and Nando at Starbucks. This is a recipe for incredibly offensive and vaguely homosexual comments…oh who am I kidding vaguely homosexual? It was like the gay Olympics; each of us (all straight by the way) trying to out-gay he other. Needless to say it was fun for all. Sad to see Shah go but I’m going to pick him up at the air port on Saturday I think which will hopefully lead to drinking somewhere new and interesting. However that is another post. Back to the narrative of my weekend that no one give a damn about. Saturday was great. Meet up with Nando and Harry once again and actually thought to called up Searby before 3 am and we went looking for something to do. In the end it was us and some of his friends drinking at Fridays…I love Fridays a lot more now; and then to a basement to play a board game. The Inner Nerd came out and we all sat around talking about computer games and their ilk. Sunday was dinner at my aunt’s house which was, as always, very painful and long. The only redeeming quality that my family possesses is Isabella. My wonderful and hilarious three-year-old niece (sort of, cousin by she is three, and I have been dubbed uncle). I spent much of the night watching Chicken Little with her, which is actually a fairly funny kid’s movie. Monday was dinner again this time with my adoptive Jewish godparents Joel and Babs at an Italian restaurant no less. I was called many things in Yiddish that were either terms of endearment or very derogatory. I love getting to hear stories of my parents from back in the seventies though; it helps remind them that they were way bigger screw-ups than I am. Next time you see me just ask about the “Ice Man Cometh,” it had me in stitches for an hour, my dad was apparently more ridiculous than I am. Work and school this week will be light-ish and hopefully another exciting weekend lies ahead. All I need is variety really; doing the same thing more than three or four times in a month gets dull to the point of exhaustion for me. I have social setting ADD (SSADD), Nando can attest to that…even though I just made it up. Anywho bye for now all three people who read this, I’m sure I’ll be talking to you soon.

Listening to “Life on Mars” by David Bowie
and “The Rush Comes” by Motorcycle

Friday, March 24

Gin And Platonic

Been a while. Well…St. Patrick’s was fun. Shah and I went to CP. Car Bombs ensued and after that everything gets cloudy. I promised him that the next day we would go to New York, to spend a gift certificate of all reasons. Unfortunately it didn’t work out. Hopefully next time. This week was Spring break, and what a week it has been. 8 hour days at the Office and so much packing to do at the house, that there is not much time to drink, be merry, but a little time to eat. Managed to get out last night a chill with Nando. We drove around Potomac looking at how much it has changed since the days when we hung out there every weekend. HUGE houses, they cant all be investment bankers and lawyers; can they? From my previous statement about packing…yes the move is official. I will no longer live inside the beltway. This may not sound like much to the rest of you but I have never in all my (granted brief) years lived outside the civilizing effects of the loop. What awaits in the darkness is anyone’s guess. Getting away from that depressing subject I have decided on my next four year institution. Maryland. Big surprise to the people I’ve been talking to lately, but to anyone who I know that I wasn’t aware read this thing; there you are. Wow. That was some kind of sentence structure. Oh Well, I’m too lazy to change it. St. Mary’s was great and I wouldn’t trade my time (or mistakes) for anything. That being said there are a lot of reasons not to go back. More than in the pro column. I’ll still visit though, hopefully a lot more than I have this year. I have been filing since 7:30, on another note. I had no idea how much of a drag office work could be (I suppose it is Friday…that could be why). Tonight is Shah’s last night in DC. Very sad. I’m glad he gets to be with Judy…she has been with him longer…I guess. Anyway Adams Morgan for a bit to say goodbye and then sleep, or something. I’ll probably end up drunk in College Park (predictably) in love with another girl instead but that’s the plan as it is now. God, maybe moving will be good for me. There are going to be to many good byes in the next few months. But that’s tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow… Shah if you read this and I have yet call you, call me. I don’t want to wake you.

Listening to Battersea by Hooverphonic and
Trav Det Det (Arabian Mix) by Miech Kasbat

Tuesday, March 14

Tygers, Wakes and Shamrocks Oh My

So right now I should be studying for exams that I have tomorrow. Instead I thought that I would talk at ether. I was reading Blake’s Collected Works (yeah… I own it) this afternoon and I was struck by something. He was the first surrealist. Sure you could just argue that he was completely insane and quite vocal about it. I say that he was the first surrealist. He came up with his own mythology, was an animal rights activist, and was of course entirely out of his mind. It was a ripping good read. It got me thinking about Joyce. Cause when I think of absurdity I think Finnegan’s Wake. I bad mouth James Joyce as much as any modern Irish post-modern who is jealous of him, but I have decided no more. I will from now on be nicer to Jamesy, which is what I call him now. I give people nicknames when I like them especially when they are already dead (it makes objections less likely). Anyway this new revelation lead me to my plans for St. Patrick’s day. I have none. There is a six pack of Killian’s Irish Red in my basement and enough classic Irish folk music in my parents record collection for me to steal their Hi-Fi and just listen to music and drink, but I like the Wilde Irish stereotype better than the Frank McCourt stereotype. So if anyone wants to do anything…please God call me. I should make a go at the study thing…Moral of this post is that if you didn’t understand my stereotype joke…you should read more.

Sunday, March 12

The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter

It was a good weekend. Friday was a night of Nando and coffee and the Izzard. Had a blast and woke up early for once on a Sunday. Got home then not long after went with Shah to the Dada exhibit in the National Gallery. It was almost an overload of absurdity and greatness. We dinned at my favorite Union Station restaurant “Thunder Grill” and then went to Collage Park. A lot of moving around ensued and I actually ran into Carrey my old roommate. The other party was apparently lame so we went and hung out with him and his friends. I don’t think that Shah had a very good time but it was fun to hang out with Carry again. After that we went back to Seth’s house to play more “kings,” however it ended up with me falling for some random girl. I should really stop doing that…It’s my way though. I love the idea of courtship and flirting but once it actually gets to the point were it will move beyond that I freak out, and if it goes the other way I become despondent. Anyway that was my little self analysis for the evening back to Sports Night and JezzBall.

Thursday, March 2

Meet the Pressure

So my dad lost this huge deal at work. Like 100,000 dollars and now we will probably have to move. DC is expensive as hell and the mortgage payment isn’t getting any smaller. So I’ve been told anyway. This makes my life in next six months or so very precarious. If my parents do move they will go to Salisbury. If you don’t know what Salisbury is, think rural, lots of Wal-Mart’s and even more mullets. This is not unlike my former college St. Mary’s but Salisbury doesn’t have the liberal arts school to breakup the banjo music and incest. Basically I am none too pleased with this news. Not my dad’s fault in any way of course the people that he was dealing with were total idiots (National Cancer something or other…good). This cultural wasteland of hicks and hillbillies is interspersed with the worst kind of hipster/scenester kids. Now I’m as big a pretentious snob as anybody but at least DC was relevant twelve years ago. Salisbury’s scene consists of a coffee house were guys who were too much eye makeup, while wearing trucker hats (I’ve seen it) and girls who still think that Beth Orton is pertinent to the feminist movement, hang out and read their crappy poetry. Again not that it doesn’t happen around here, but at least there are the few who can laugh with me about it. There is my rant. Now that I’m done with that I shall move on and not think about it until its absolutely necessary. On a lighter note work was good today I got a crap load done. Now I shall settle in for a night of West Wing (season 3…cause Mike might care) and drinking to forget my fate.

Wednesday, March 1

Gabba Gabba Hey...And such

So proof positive that I would only be doing this occasionally. Past week and change have seen a complete move at the office (two floors down, why I don’t know) and enough work at school to make a grown man cry (and I have). To start with Flogging Molly was, as always, amazing. They played the greats and a few that I have never seen live. The story though was the Dead Pets. These guys are the quintessential English post punk working class “Oy, Oy, Oy” rockers. They have a great sound and bullocks loads of energy on stage. They even made fun of all the twenty something hipsters who refused to dance…which in D.C., if you didn’t know, is everybody (Yeah I’m looking at you Sasha). The Briggs were also good. Drew (my friend I went with) and I had a fun time getting blitzed before the show in the parking lot on rum and coke. Then it was back home for an early morning of…snow? Fuck winter!
Last weekend was also quiet good. I hung out with an old high school friend until far too late, and then had to go to work the next day. That night Shah came by unexpectedly and we went to college park. You can read the events of the night on his page. But needless to say I left CP with a whole new girl to think about too much and a belly full of cheese steaks. ‘Twas a good night and very different from everything that I seem to be doing lately. I can’t thank the King of Friends enough. Hopefully this weekend will be equally excellent; as both Shah and Mike will be around for Dada goodness and drunken social commentary.
On to music. Bought a new CD today: Her Space Holiday-The Young Machines. It has not replaced Loveless. But it does have the rare and sought after (by me at least) “burn track” Meet the Pressure is great and now tops my list of these jewels of music. With lyrics Also bought the Artic Monkeys new CD, haven’t listened to it yet. Half-assed review to come. On a somewhat related entertainment note, cant wait for the new Sophia Copula movie “Marie Antoinette.” Some may wince at the thought of seeing “Lost In Translation” or “Virgin Suicides” but for me its all about the high art made badly and yet still standing head held high. Thought there are scenes in LIT that I flip for…That is all.