Friday, March 24

Gin And Platonic

Been a while. Well…St. Patrick’s was fun. Shah and I went to CP. Car Bombs ensued and after that everything gets cloudy. I promised him that the next day we would go to New York, to spend a gift certificate of all reasons. Unfortunately it didn’t work out. Hopefully next time. This week was Spring break, and what a week it has been. 8 hour days at the Office and so much packing to do at the house, that there is not much time to drink, be merry, but a little time to eat. Managed to get out last night a chill with Nando. We drove around Potomac looking at how much it has changed since the days when we hung out there every weekend. HUGE houses, they cant all be investment bankers and lawyers; can they? From my previous statement about packing…yes the move is official. I will no longer live inside the beltway. This may not sound like much to the rest of you but I have never in all my (granted brief) years lived outside the civilizing effects of the loop. What awaits in the darkness is anyone’s guess. Getting away from that depressing subject I have decided on my next four year institution. Maryland. Big surprise to the people I’ve been talking to lately, but to anyone who I know that I wasn’t aware read this thing; there you are. Wow. That was some kind of sentence structure. Oh Well, I’m too lazy to change it. St. Mary’s was great and I wouldn’t trade my time (or mistakes) for anything. That being said there are a lot of reasons not to go back. More than in the pro column. I’ll still visit though, hopefully a lot more than I have this year. I have been filing since 7:30, on another note. I had no idea how much of a drag office work could be (I suppose it is Friday…that could be why). Tonight is Shah’s last night in DC. Very sad. I’m glad he gets to be with Judy…she has been with him longer…I guess. Anyway Adams Morgan for a bit to say goodbye and then sleep, or something. I’ll probably end up drunk in College Park (predictably) in love with another girl instead but that’s the plan as it is now. God, maybe moving will be good for me. There are going to be to many good byes in the next few months. But that’s tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow… Shah if you read this and I have yet call you, call me. I don’t want to wake you.

Listening to Battersea by Hooverphonic and
Trav Det Det (Arabian Mix) by Miech Kasbat

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