Tuesday, October 28

Head Hits Concrete

Plans from the past:

When I was seven I would have told you:

“When I grow up I want to be a world famous author of awesome books like The Lord of the Rings. And a chef. And a poet. And have lots of money to buy stuff for me and my friends!”

When I was thirteen I would have told you:

“When I get out of school (Georgetown then the Kennedy School of Government) I want to work for the State Department. That’s only really a cover though. I’ll actually work as an intelligence analyst for the CIA. And no, its not like in the movies—I don’t want to be James Bond… it’s a desk job. I just think I would be cool to work with James Bond.”

When I was seventeen:

“I want to teach History. It’s the only thing I’ve ever thought of that would make me really happy. When Richard Rich asked Thomas Moore ‘Who will know?’ in A Man for All Seasons he replied ‘You will know, and your students will know and God will know.’ That would be enough me.”

When I was twenty:

“I want to teach college. I already dress the part and delaying real life for another eight years with a doctorate will be great. I know what you’re thinking too: ‘Greg, what happened to that simple dream of following the footsteps of the men who taught you?’ I woke up one day and realized that I hated children. Particularly other people’s poorly behaved children…”


“…I have no idea.”

I hate not having the answer. A lot.

Listening to: “Chunk of Change” (EP) – Passion Pit. Post title is from “The Locust” (EP) – The Locust.