Tuesday, April 29

Ghost Under Rocks

Today is a strange day.

Today marks the anniversary both the collapse of the Ottoman Empire (or at least the beginning of its collapse) when they surrendered in World War I and the debut of Hair: The Musical. Its also the 238th anniversary of the discovery of Australia by Captain Cook. And to add to this already heady milieu this time sixteen years ago the Rodney King riots began.

Oh, and its International Dance Day.

Besides the historic element this day is strange for other reasons. It is the first time that I have posted in a long while. March was the first month I have missed doing something on the blog, and it’s almost the end of April…

Today I’ll also be inducted into Phi Alpha Theta, the History Honors society, which I don’t really want to do but need to for grad school. I have a feeling its going to be entirely an awkward experience.

It’s the week preceding my birthday, which always brings up the metallic taste of bile and the anticipation of getting stuff from people for not a lot of reason. Why can’t we pick another important date to get stuff on? For instance I’ve always been quite fond of the month September. I think I should be able to pick a day in September and have that be the day that people give me stuff for no reason… but alas I’m stuck with May 3rd, and free stuff is still free stuff.

I’ve got a presentation later this week too. Normally I’d be a lot more worried than I am right now but I can’t seem to muster the terror for failure that normally haunts my every step waiting for me to drop my guard and strike!

Anywho, that’s all really. Today is a strange day.