Thursday, March 30

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My hope that my week would be light was for once founded in reality. After that Spring Break I need a vacation. I have been shirking my parental, educational, and work duties but that will stop next week. This weekend will hopefully be good. Tonight to get it started early I’m dining with Harry at the ‘Guap in honor of either a grand coaching victory or if he lost; something else. Friday is as yet unscheduled, whatever happens happens but one can only assume something bad for my health and well being. Saturday I pick up the finally returned Shah from his expedition to La-La Land. He comes being magnificent gifts the these strange lands though. Sophia Copula Caned Champagne. You read that right people… Sophia Copula Caned Champagne! Maybe California is not all bad…I was having a great discussion on Tuesday with Harry about the state of the world and the Israeli elections in particular. Thank the powers that be and people of that wounded land that the Kadima won the day. However the new Palestinian cabinet was also sworn in today. Neither side is right, neither wrong. I’m just glad that the moderates are in power in at least one of the areas. After that conversation we discussed another interesting little tidbit. Did anyone else notice the turn out for Slobodan Milosevic’s funeral. There were far too many mourners for a mass murderer. The way the news covered it was also a bit to kind in my opinion anyway. Well we have contractors at the house today. Replacing the mantels, leveling the pavement, this is after the re-painting. The move is well underway. Salisbury is the final destination apparently, Lewis was my hope…hopefully I will be elsewhere (college…real college) when my parents become full fledged county bumpkins. I’m not sure why I’m so militant against the Eastern Shore. Its placid and idyllic. I have never really spoken to anyone who hasn’t been nice. It’s just the idea on no museums and galleries, no more trendy bars (not that I every really got to many). My social network, which I’m quite pleased with, dies essentially. Maryland please accept me! I shall not leave the post so downcast however…fear not. My internet lately as been working again at home…Warcraft here I come (I’m a nerd I know…I prefer dweeb though).

Listening to Riot Van by The Artic Mokeys,
Go by 1905, and Grand Thieft Autumn by Braid

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