Sunday, March 12

The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter

It was a good weekend. Friday was a night of Nando and coffee and the Izzard. Had a blast and woke up early for once on a Sunday. Got home then not long after went with Shah to the Dada exhibit in the National Gallery. It was almost an overload of absurdity and greatness. We dinned at my favorite Union Station restaurant “Thunder Grill” and then went to Collage Park. A lot of moving around ensued and I actually ran into Carrey my old roommate. The other party was apparently lame so we went and hung out with him and his friends. I don’t think that Shah had a very good time but it was fun to hang out with Carry again. After that we went back to Seth’s house to play more “kings,” however it ended up with me falling for some random girl. I should really stop doing that…It’s my way though. I love the idea of courtship and flirting but once it actually gets to the point were it will move beyond that I freak out, and if it goes the other way I become despondent. Anyway that was my little self analysis for the evening back to Sports Night and JezzBall.


Shah said...

No I had a great time. Your friends were refreshing. But yeah that girl friened me on facebook (eeek- not my type) eh dont worry aobut it kid you are a catch as they say.

Shah said...

oh kudos on the title of the post

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