Thursday, March 2

Meet the Pressure

So my dad lost this huge deal at work. Like 100,000 dollars and now we will probably have to move. DC is expensive as hell and the mortgage payment isn’t getting any smaller. So I’ve been told anyway. This makes my life in next six months or so very precarious. If my parents do move they will go to Salisbury. If you don’t know what Salisbury is, think rural, lots of Wal-Mart’s and even more mullets. This is not unlike my former college St. Mary’s but Salisbury doesn’t have the liberal arts school to breakup the banjo music and incest. Basically I am none too pleased with this news. Not my dad’s fault in any way of course the people that he was dealing with were total idiots (National Cancer something or other…good). This cultural wasteland of hicks and hillbillies is interspersed with the worst kind of hipster/scenester kids. Now I’m as big a pretentious snob as anybody but at least DC was relevant twelve years ago. Salisbury’s scene consists of a coffee house were guys who were too much eye makeup, while wearing trucker hats (I’ve seen it) and girls who still think that Beth Orton is pertinent to the feminist movement, hang out and read their crappy poetry. Again not that it doesn’t happen around here, but at least there are the few who can laugh with me about it. There is my rant. Now that I’m done with that I shall move on and not think about it until its absolutely necessary. On a lighter note work was good today I got a crap load done. Now I shall settle in for a night of West Wing (season 3…cause Mike might care) and drinking to forget my fate.

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Shah said...

Yeah , call when you want to go anywhere this weekend I am as always up for everything ( oh Judy knows I am in love with you *teehee*)