Tuesday, March 28

Bottle Up And Explode

So my weekend did not work out the way that I had exactly expected. However it was still very good. Friday, instead of seeing Shah to say good bye (stupid underage drinking laws), I hung out with Harry and Nando at Starbucks. This is a recipe for incredibly offensive and vaguely homosexual comments…oh who am I kidding vaguely homosexual? It was like the gay Olympics; each of us (all straight by the way) trying to out-gay he other. Needless to say it was fun for all. Sad to see Shah go but I’m going to pick him up at the air port on Saturday I think which will hopefully lead to drinking somewhere new and interesting. However that is another post. Back to the narrative of my weekend that no one give a damn about. Saturday was great. Meet up with Nando and Harry once again and actually thought to called up Searby before 3 am and we went looking for something to do. In the end it was us and some of his friends drinking at Fridays…I love Fridays a lot more now; and then to a basement to play a board game. The Inner Nerd came out and we all sat around talking about computer games and their ilk. Sunday was dinner at my aunt’s house which was, as always, very painful and long. The only redeeming quality that my family possesses is Isabella. My wonderful and hilarious three-year-old niece (sort of, cousin by she is three, and I have been dubbed uncle). I spent much of the night watching Chicken Little with her, which is actually a fairly funny kid’s movie. Monday was dinner again this time with my adoptive Jewish godparents Joel and Babs at an Italian restaurant no less. I was called many things in Yiddish that were either terms of endearment or very derogatory. I love getting to hear stories of my parents from back in the seventies though; it helps remind them that they were way bigger screw-ups than I am. Next time you see me just ask about the “Ice Man Cometh,” it had me in stitches for an hour, my dad was apparently more ridiculous than I am. Work and school this week will be light-ish and hopefully another exciting weekend lies ahead. All I need is variety really; doing the same thing more than three or four times in a month gets dull to the point of exhaustion for me. I have social setting ADD (SSADD), Nando can attest to that…even though I just made it up. Anywho bye for now all three people who read this, I’m sure I’ll be talking to you soon.

Listening to “Life on Mars” by David Bowie
and “The Rush Comes” by Motorcycle

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