Tuesday, March 14

Tygers, Wakes and Shamrocks Oh My

So right now I should be studying for exams that I have tomorrow. Instead I thought that I would talk at ether. I was reading Blake’s Collected Works (yeah… I own it) this afternoon and I was struck by something. He was the first surrealist. Sure you could just argue that he was completely insane and quite vocal about it. I say that he was the first surrealist. He came up with his own mythology, was an animal rights activist, and was of course entirely out of his mind. It was a ripping good read. It got me thinking about Joyce. Cause when I think of absurdity I think Finnegan’s Wake. I bad mouth James Joyce as much as any modern Irish post-modern who is jealous of him, but I have decided no more. I will from now on be nicer to Jamesy, which is what I call him now. I give people nicknames when I like them especially when they are already dead (it makes objections less likely). Anyway this new revelation lead me to my plans for St. Patrick’s day. I have none. There is a six pack of Killian’s Irish Red in my basement and enough classic Irish folk music in my parents record collection for me to steal their Hi-Fi and just listen to music and drink, but I like the Wilde Irish stereotype better than the Frank McCourt stereotype. So if anyone wants to do anything…please God call me. I should make a go at the study thing…Moral of this post is that if you didn’t understand my stereotype joke…you should read more.

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Shah said...

I am goign to CP with a couple of cases of Guiness and some Baileys and Jameson.... I am not sure where in CP but yeah It might be one hell of a parking lot party.:-)Oh I changed the address of my blog to shahgoeswest.blogspot.com