Wednesday, March 1

Gabba Gabba Hey...And such

So proof positive that I would only be doing this occasionally. Past week and change have seen a complete move at the office (two floors down, why I don’t know) and enough work at school to make a grown man cry (and I have). To start with Flogging Molly was, as always, amazing. They played the greats and a few that I have never seen live. The story though was the Dead Pets. These guys are the quintessential English post punk working class “Oy, Oy, Oy” rockers. They have a great sound and bullocks loads of energy on stage. They even made fun of all the twenty something hipsters who refused to dance…which in D.C., if you didn’t know, is everybody (Yeah I’m looking at you Sasha). The Briggs were also good. Drew (my friend I went with) and I had a fun time getting blitzed before the show in the parking lot on rum and coke. Then it was back home for an early morning of…snow? Fuck winter!
Last weekend was also quiet good. I hung out with an old high school friend until far too late, and then had to go to work the next day. That night Shah came by unexpectedly and we went to college park. You can read the events of the night on his page. But needless to say I left CP with a whole new girl to think about too much and a belly full of cheese steaks. ‘Twas a good night and very different from everything that I seem to be doing lately. I can’t thank the King of Friends enough. Hopefully this weekend will be equally excellent; as both Shah and Mike will be around for Dada goodness and drunken social commentary.
On to music. Bought a new CD today: Her Space Holiday-The Young Machines. It has not replaced Loveless. But it does have the rare and sought after (by me at least) “burn track” Meet the Pressure is great and now tops my list of these jewels of music. With lyrics Also bought the Artic Monkeys new CD, haven’t listened to it yet. Half-assed review to come. On a somewhat related entertainment note, cant wait for the new Sophia Copula movie “Marie Antoinette.” Some may wince at the thought of seeing “Lost In Translation” or “Virgin Suicides” but for me its all about the high art made badly and yet still standing head held high. Thought there are scenes in LIT that I flip for…That is all.

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