Sunday, February 19

It has been an eventful two weeks since my last post. Last weekend was insane. Friday I killed myself at work and school then went to bartend at a party for some family friends. They had amazing booze and the tips were good. Saturday and Sunday were a wash due to the snow. Not really any fun, just a lot of school work. Then on Monday the insanity of my “career” kicked in. I filed more than anyone has ever filed before. By the end of the week every client file for my multi-billion dollar company since 1990 (and there were a lot) were packed and organized. No small feat considering that no one at work knows where to put things…ever, or the alphabet apparently. So much for my job not defining me. I actually quite like what I do now. Thursday was a going away party for someone in the architecture department. Lets just say I was quiet hard to get up the next morning for school. Friday was full of friend drama-rama and the like…which ended up being nothing. I’m just neurotic. Saturday was my grandfathers 70th birthday, officially making him the longest lived member of my family ever (and by quite a margin). In the week to come its more work and more school…midterms being just around the bend I’ll be nuttier than usual. But for tonight I have my Killian’s and Brian the Vampire repeating endlessly in my earbuds. Really all anyone needs. On an unrelated note I’m going to the Black 17 tour (Flogging Molly, The Briggs, The Dead Pets, and Lemonface) on Tuesday with and old friend should be amazing and hazardous to everyone’s health…just the way I like it.

P.S. I love ellipses.


Mike said...

So it sounds like work and school might suck this week for you. But it's cool, don't worry about it. Because this Friday will be the jam. I promise little bro!

Shah said...

Sucks about work but yeah this Friday will be one hard to remember.