Wednesday, February 8

I have broken down. I have created a blog...Which in itself is not a bad thing. Blogs are a perfectly fine way of venting, staying in touch (without talking to that person) and griping about the state of (insert compliant here). I figured for me it would only lead to narcissism, which it most likely will, don't get me wrong. And yet I venture forth into this new dawn of internet communication head held high and fear of looking horribly "emo" in the back of my mind. I will endeavor to write only about the droll encounters I so often experience and my own hilarious musings. That being said, the occasional beer-soaked rant or bad mood "poetry" which I am unfortunately prone to may appear. Please take this not as a sing of my real character, but as if someone else stole my password and posted really bad and/or incoherent things where true wisdom and insight are usually gained. Anyway this will be an incredibly sporadic thing for me, as a new job and a full load at school make for only enough time to sleep in small amounts during inconvenient times.
Now to tell you what I think you should know. Today I bought a CD. This is not an uncommon occurrence, but this was a different experience entirely. At around 1 I found myself driving by Tower Records (were I used to work) and bought "Loveless" the last album by a band called My Bloody Valentine. I had been hearing about its "amazingness" for about a year from various people who's musical taste I trust, but the name put me off, then I got distracted, then I can't remember. Two weekends ago I was reminded by the "King of Friends" and his eternal drinking buddy the "King of Lushes" that I need to own this album. So when I came into some money (earlier today while doing laundry) I went out and bought it. I carefully and expertly opened the wrapping, removed the abstract pink pamphlet and stared at my undoing. I listened to it all the way back to my house, not a very long drive. I was only on track 6 of 11 when I pulled into my driveway. I sat there for the next fifteen minutes listening to the music, which I will not even try to quantify. Then I went to my room and have continued to listen to it (I believe I am on my fourth go round now). This is all to illustrate two points. The first, if you like pop/shoegazer/unquantifiable instrumentation buy "Loveless," though it might ruin you for all other music for a while. Secondly, I flip out over stuff far too easily.


Mike said...

Probably my third favorite album of all time.

Probably the most ridiculously amazing albums of al time.
Half the time I don't know what instrument is being used.

I once wrote this about the band:
""Loveless" is easily one of my top five albums. So cloudy and murky with those two beautiful male-female vocals. I still don't know what's going on half the time in that album. It's the hardest to describe album in the history of music I'd be willing to say. Kevin Shields is a genius and he proves it with that record. I wasn't really into them in their earlier stages, but I adore "Isn't Anything" and "Loveless". "No More Sorry" on "Isn't Anything" I've dubbed my scotch song; it just sounds good with Johnny Walker. I don't know what else to say about this band, those two albums (especially "Loveless") are near impossible to describe in terms of sound. You just start sounding like you're contradicting yourself if you try; watch: they're cloudy, catchy, abrasive, comforting, depressing and happy. If they were a place they'd be a murky swamp. You'd be standing in the middle of the dense fog kinda sad that you're in such a yucky place but then kinda happy you're outside because it's such a nice night out and you kinda feel at home with the cherping insects."

I wrote that back in early 2004. God, being a good writer that looks like shit to me. Grrrr... =/

So I'm the King of Lushes, eh?

Shah said...

Yes, total shoe gazing wonderfulness. Btw your blog will be linked at our blog i.e.