Wednesday, August 29

New Romance

Today is my first day at UMD. In fact as we speak (as I speak anyway) I’m sitting in the hallway of the Francis Scott Key Building writing this from my brand-spanking new Mac book. So far the orientation stuff has been a headache but hopefully that will be over soon. I couldn’t get into an orientation group, as they were all full by the time Maryland decided to let me in (suckers…) and no orientation means no registering for classes. Right, its sort of a big deal. I got into two history classes unofficially but I’ll deal with all of that on Friday.

Classes should be good. The Medieval World (which is the second to last lower level class I’ll ever have to take, that only took four years!) and Old Regime France which is taught by a professor who’s name is Donald Sutherland. Unfortunately I’m pretty sure it’s not the Donald Sutherland of “Kelly’s Heroes” fame. I hope I’ll be able to get into a Lit. class and either more history or whatever else I need.

The new laptop is super-sweet. I’m in love. I take it with me everywhere. His name is Mortimer. I never thought wireless internet could be so easy. And the photo booth is providing Elizabeth with endless entertainment. I’ve still got to fix my router at home but I think I’ll even be able to use it in my room.

So besides school and technology upgrades my house got struck by lightning (I wasn’t there but the tree that got hit looks pretty scared), I have a new title at work (“Homeland Security Liaison”) which, I’ll grant you, I invented and it sounds way cooler than what I actually do (which is put information into a database) but still…how awesome does that sound?

Numerous concerts are coming up that I want to go to so anyone in the mood should call.
The Editors @ 9:30 Club Sept. 4
Metric @ 9:30 Club Sept. 20
Jose Gonzales @ 9:30 Club Oct. 2
Spoon @ 9:30 Club Oct. 22 & 23 (which I think is sold out…)
Yo La Tengo @ Birchmere Oct. 23
Kenna (with She Wants Revenge for some reason) @ Black Cat Oct. 27
Stiff Little Fingers @ Black Cat Nov. 15
The Locust @ Ottobar Nov. 21

So, that’s about it. I’ll hopefully be deliriously busy from now until…oh I don’t know, Graduation. Or there about. Since I like being early and get bored easily I’ll probably keep you updated on any academic revelations from the early Dark Ages in Europe. I’m sure you’re all thrilled.

Listening to “Love Will Tear Us Apart” by Jose Gonzales (Really good cover) and “Holy Names” by Pretty Girls Make Graves (New Romance is one of my new favorite albums)


Matt F said...

Spoon canceled their 9:30 Club shows to do a co-headlining show on the 22nd with The Shins at Merriweather. I already bought tickets to the 9:30 shows, so this is a bit annoying (though they're letting the people who bought earlier trade them in for pavilion seats at a discount). I'm probably still going to go.

Greg said...

Thanks for the heads up! I may still try and see them. Merriweather can be so expensive though...