Tuesday, September 25

Screaming At The Wall (?)

So I had a great day in class yesterday. We discussed King Kong and how museums are the Patriarchal West’s version of the dominate gaze directed to indigenous people, how the camera is actually a gun and that Naturalism is the direct descendant of Vaudeville. My mind was suitably blown. My girlfriend remains unimpressed.

Anyway, this is by way of telling you that the funk may have passed. We’ll see. I have to move my office this weekend but I did get a new wardrobe out of it, so I can’t complain too much. Thanks mom!

I was browsing the Facebook this morning and I saw the status feature of a friend of mine that piqued my interest. It said that he was close to Denise Kucinich on politicalcompass.com. I figured I’d give it a shot and answer as honestly as I could. Now my political evolution has taken some turns in the past few years, but I wasn’t quiet ready for the results. I started my political formation while attending Catholic Boys school to receive religious formation. So I was a little on the conservative side of things. As Junior year approached however I saw myself more as a Moderate. I wanted to hear both parties and attempt a reasoned and informed vote (once I could that is). Upon entering college and, I won’t lie, watching a crap-ton of The West Wing I suppose I styled myself as fully fledged Old Left Democrat. Strong on Defense but with compassion and a fiscal budget that while not balanced would provide “essential services”…whatever that means. More recently I’ve stopped actually finding my voice in any politician really. Biden is close on the war but otherwise nobody really encapsulates by wishes for government.

After taking the test this morning I know why: there isn’t too much ink about people farther left economically than Mike Gavel and on the scale of power I fall somewhere more libertarian than the Dalai Lama…

I know what you’re thinking: Greg’s a fucking pinko-commie bastard. Well I’ll stop you right there. You see Stalin is actually quiet the Authoritarian and Marx is probably more left economically so you’d be wrong! Gandhi and I are close too. I’m just a bleeding heart Emo kid. Nothing to really worry about.

Listening to Brahms (who apparently was quite the Conservative according the website)

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my girlfriend remains unimpressed.

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