Monday, November 5

Big Casino

If I were an ancient Roman I would be siked right now. While walking to class this morning I passed by a hawk feeding of a pigeon. It was right there on the grass, maybe four feet from the path. The Roman loved their omens and I don’t think they would have passed up the chance to read way too much into this. They would either be siked or terrified about the coming week. I’m not superstitious but I really hope I’m the hawk.

Midterms went well. I mean, I’ve only gotten one back but it was good. I’m judging the rest on this standard. Well see how that pans out. In other life affirming news I found my glasses. Back to being a hipster douche bag. Hooray!

My weekend was nice. Elizabeth was in Miami so I had it to myself for the most part. Boring school stuff on Friday, then out for a bit with Nando. Saturday was Panos’ belated birthday party at Clyde’s in Tower Oaks. I had oysters and Blue Moon. Both were satisfactory. My parents were away this weekend so I took care of the muppet. She survived, even though when they’re away she wont eat anything…

The new Jimmy Eat World Album is really good. I would say as good as the last one, which is not quite as good as "Bleed America" and three rungs down from "Clarity." Or at least that's my scientific opinion.

I need to get out to Baltimore and see people, and St. Mary’s. I also need to write three papers and clone myself. Maybe next week?

Until then I’ll leave you with this:
“Aquila fortuna iuvat”
-Fortune favors the hawks.

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