Monday, December 10

Misery Business

Things to do in the next two weeks, in chronological order:

1.) Go to last Medieval History class
2.) Go to last Cinema & Colonialism Class
3.) Have birthday dinner with my mom (pt. 1)
4.) Research French History Paper
5.) Meet with T.A.
6.) Write French History Paper
7.) Have Birthday dinner with my mom (pt. 2)
8.) Write Law Exam Final Paper
9.) Proofread French History Paper
10.) – 15.) Study for Exams
16.) Sleep at some point
17.) Take French History Exam and turn in paper
18.) Take Medieval History Exam with notes…again.
19.) Try and enjoy the weekend!
20.) Have a crappy weekend studying for Cinema & Colonialism class
21.) Take Cinema & Colonialism Exam
22.) Finish my semester without having a nervous breakdown (fingers crossed)
23.) Be abandoned by my girlfriend for two weeks
24.) Work my tail off for three days at the office
25.) Breath a sigh of relief when Friday comes and I get a whole week off to do absolutely nothing.
26.) Realize that the week I thought I had to do nothing will in fact be spent fighting the hordes of shoppers who have also left their present buying for the last minute.

Bah-fucking-humbug! I hate Christmas! Sure there’s stuff which is great but I don’t need any of it. There’s family, but I don’t really like mine. And of course the wonderful feeling of goodwill and peace towards men, which actually makes me feel like a hypocrite for being an asshole the rest of the year and is almost entirely a load of shit anyway. Plus I’m always sick of Christmas carols a month before the 25th since it seems to be the law that everyone put up decorations and “get into the spirit” (of consumerism) by mid November. I heard on the radio that the stress men feel shopping during the holidays is akin to the stress a police officer feels while working crowd control during a full scale riot. I think that’s why I feel this way. Maybe I should try doing my shopping online this year…

Merry Christmas to all my readers! I’ll try and post something else soon that has a nicer slant to it.

And yes, the title of this post is a Paramore song. What? You wanna fight about it?!?


Anonymous said...

steps 1 through 23 accomplished. look! it wasn't so bad!! -e

Greg said...

I think 23 was only half way finished though... But yes, I'm done!