Wednesday, December 6

The Fall

Growing Apprehension. That seems to be the theme of my day. Papers, exams, closing the business quarter in like 6 day (which means all the bills that need to get paid before the end of the year have to be done by the 12th). These things are just about all I can handle at the moment. However that’s not all folk, along with fear and mild dread you’ll also get a cold (or possibly an allergic reaction to being a quitter). But wait there’s more! I know I cant believe it myself, drug side affects will abound as you take a whirl wind vacation, that you cant really afford to being with! Hurray!

It isn’t all bad though, I don’t miss smoking as much as I thought I would. Just the smell. I follow my dad around just waiting for him to walk outside. It’s kind of sad. If I thought I could be trusted I would by a pack just to smell them burning. Also even though I don’t really want one I find myself really having no clue what to do with my hand or with the, on average hour and a half a day I would spend smoking. Cause now work is really dull and I have to excuse to leave for five minutes all the time. I can now totally spend that 30 bucks a week on more productive things like cloths or other useless shit I don’t need, which is nice.

So my Christmas list was thought up in early October. My parents like to shop early and they wanted a detailed list of all the junk that I desired for this holiday season. Well after a few months I want very little of it or have already bought it for myself. That should be good. With a new car to pay off (which is still awesome if any of you were wondering), and a dead iPod all I want for Christmas is some cold hard cash . My iPod is the most crazy important. The guy said it would cost almost as much to fix my ancient model as to get the brand new spiffy one with video and 80 gigs. That’s right 80 gigs. I don’t even have an 80 gig hard drive on my computer, much less that much music While at the Apple store yesterday afternoon (slowly falling in love with the iBook or whatever it’s called) I saw they had some ad saying that you could travel between San Francisco and New York 25 times with it and never hear the same song twice! I wonder if I could fill it…

I also want to buy a PS2 really badly, I found a used one for 109 bucks but as the brand new shiny ones are only 129; I’d just as soon buy one that isn’t possibly messed up. Rock star goodness here I come. You know how I like things that are shiny, or at least have some sort of matte finish.

Wow I feel better just talking about buying stuff. Materialism is like the cure-all of a truly lost generation. I’m not even sure what that means, but it sounds appropriate. I’m on this whole 20’s kick at the moment so “lost” works for me. Whatever, I’m trying to be intellectual about falling into the worst stereotypes of my class and age group.

Such a shit post…but I haven’t done much of anything in a while.

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Anonymous said...

Its finals week for radford university. Good Luck dude.