Friday, December 15

Its Begining To Look A Lot Like Christmas

Yesterday was very strange. I woke up at 5:30 like I always do these days (no it’s cool I do it out of choice for the most part) and set about the normal morning routine. After checking mail and reading blogs I drove in to school for the last day of classes before exam week begins. I’ve been bitching about it for a while so I’ll spare my readers any more of it. Lecture was good however. Both of my professors wrapped up the class rather poetically. One (the cynic of the two) related the twentieth century and indeed all of American history to the raw and unbridled use of power. For good or ill, it was done or the good old U S of A. Oh and he basically told everyone in class that they were there to be babysat and that anyone who wanted a real education should stay the hell away from higher education. I do love that guy…

My second professor ending his lecture with a laundry list of events in the nineties. He starts with Bush the first and worked his way quite quickly through every foreign relations incident in the past 16 years. When you list them all together quickly it seems sort of scary! Then he told us to have a good break and to that he’d see us around next semester…if there was a next semester. Ah, the vague fear that can be derived from the study of history really get you going for the day.

After my classes I went back home to get a big screen TV with my dad. We found a good one and we’re then told that they didn’t have any. Which I think was bullshit but whatever, it is a longer and less interesting story than I am willing to tell. However on the way back we stopped off at the liquor store to stock up for the coming week or two. Our shopping cart contained the following:
Amstel Light (6 cases)
Heineken Light (1 case)
Killian’s Irish Red (1 case)
Fine Pinot Noir (3 bottles)
Fine Merlot (3 bottles)
Pinot-Chardonnay (1 case, yeah it sounds weird but it isn’t that bad for a white and I hate white)
Johnny Walker Blue Label (1 bottle, they now make handles of it! Ridic!)
2 Gallons of Tanqueray Gin (what, we like martini’s they way they were meant to be…without vermouth)

All this for three people
It isn’t that I even have a big family, we just really like to drink.
The best part was when I jokingly said that I should last us until Christmas Day but that we would need more after that. My father’s reply was “Yeah I hope the liquor store is open the day after or we’ll be screwed…” He was upon further investigation not kidding in the slightest.
We are Irish though…

The company Christmas party came next. Has anyone experienced an aggressively dull event? I’ve been through them twice now. Its a party or a concert…really anything, that is so boring that you almost get angry. It’s a truly strange feeling. I would categorize the Christmas thing last night as overtly aggressive in its dullness. Bad food, worse music and all of the people I see for too long during the week acting more annoying cause the shitty open bar won’t cut any of them off. Sorry venting complete.

My weekend starts right after I post this, I cannot wait! St. Mary’s and my favorite crazy Norseman.

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