Monday, April 30

Back In The USSR

Finals are around the corner, graduation looms for many people I know and deadlines seem to race out of nowhere and hit me over the head in blunt object fashion. That is my excuse for not posting anything for much of the month of April. Take it or leave it.

I’ve got very little news to report, other than I’ll be turning 21 on Thursday and that sounds exciting, at least in a theoretical way. Besides the final stage of legal adulthood (except of the car rental thing) I’ve been working, schooling, SMCing and other adverbs used with high frequency on this blog.

New Music abounds. I’ve gotten into a fair amount of new bands and artists thanks in part to my way-more-hip-than-me girlfriend. On this list of things I think you should check out: Peter, Bjorn & John. While one of their songs may appear in Target commercials (I think its Target) they really are quite something. Listless melody that reminds one of just how comfy beds are and pretty little harmonies give Writer’s Bloc a great feel. My personal favorites are “Amsterdam” and “Objects Of My Affection.” Also scoring high in the “Greg’s rotation of songs” leader board are “Anti, Anti” by Snowden, “Roberta C.” by Casiotones For The Painfully Alone (even if you don’t like the song the band name could make you fall in love with them), “House Fire” by Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin and “Bad Education” by Tilly & The Wall (which makes me want to tango until I graduate). There are many more but for now those are the big ones. I am of course indebted to Elizabeth for being cooler than me.

In other music news I watched The Smiths documentary entitled “The Smiths: Under Review.” Clever. It was great, interviews, live performance footage, in short everything a nerd could want. The sound tech, who obviously had a crush on everything about the Smiths, was definitely one of the highlights. Highly recommended.

In the movie universe I recently saw A Scanner Darkly (based off a Philip K. Dick story) which was brilliant. The animation wasn’t exactly my cup of tea but it grew on me and Robert Downey Jr. playing Keanu’s cracked out, paranoid/delusional roommate was worth the price of the rental (which was, by the by, paid for by someone else).

I’m staring down the barrel of a long To Do List and a rather full social calendar in the coming weeks but I’ll attempt to be a better blogger. I feel like I have more stuff to talk about but for the life of me can’t remember what those things are. Anyway have fun for now and congrats to the Australian cricket team for wining the World Cup (even though there are about 2 people of US citizenry who can legitimately claim any understanding of the sport, and I can’t count myself among their number). Its also Walgurgis Night for many Northern and Central European countries. As I understand it involves singing songs, staying up all night and heralding the coming of spring (which in much of northern Europe at this point in April could be years away). Also today mark’s the 62nd anniversary of Adolf Hitler’s death. I think you’ll all join me in saying “what a fucker that ass-hat was.”

Listening to Hateful of Hollow by The Smiths and wondering why I wasn’t born 20 years earlier…

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