Tuesday, January 22

Push Your Head Towards The Air

I’m making over my room. It’s getting a whole new image. You see, I’ve had, essentially, the same décor since I was twelve. Which is strange since the room looks like it’s the library/den/study of an English manor, and a stuffy one at that. So, a new coat of paint, some new furniture and art work that doesn’t seem to legitimize colonialism (or possibly just Orientalism in the Said sense) will hopefully give me a fresh new outlook on… well, everything.

This endeavor means that I have been clearing out a decades worth of detritus and junk. Right now there is no art on the walls, no books on the bookcase, nothing in my desk and very little anywhere else. The more stuff I take out, though, the more cluttered I think it looks. I think once the process is under way I’ll aim for a more Zen-like feel. Minimalism, thy name is Greg.

IKEA bookcases, a new dresser and a duvet cover have already been purchased, or at least picked out and hanged down. I’m searching for a desk and a chair still. And a paint color. These things take time. Packing my life up into a dozen boxes took days…

I’m so not Zen.

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