Friday, February 22

Working In Three's

Albums I can’t handle:
- Xiu Xiu – “Women As Lovers”
- Say Hi – The Wishes and the Glitch
- Vampire Weekend – “Self Titled”

Lyrics I can’t shake:
- “Northwestern girls, I swear I’m all grown up this time. At least I lie different when you look so nice.”
- “Walcott, the Bottleneck is a shit-show / Hyannisport is a ghetto / out of Cape Cod tonight”
- “I'd kill for an adventure / Just you and I, in the Curzon Bar / Dancing till we knew / So all that we've learnt disappears”

Songs I hope always to be moved by:
- Ceremony (both…)
- How Near, How Far
- Waterloo Sunset

Things I want to do:
- Start a war within my self
- Create the new Situationist International
- Get out of my skin for just a half hour

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