Tuesday, November 11

Let's Celebrate

I’ve had this song stuck in my head for the past three days. I find myself humming walking to class. I it sing under my breath while I file things at work. I jam out… hard… to it in my car everywhere I go.

“We’re like: love and train fare
we made monsters but monsters don’t scare
you (we) worked for weeks but the conscience never came
we made zombies to fight your zombies
and now they stare each other out in the sanctuary on saturdays
Brittany says ‘I don’t drink but if I did I’d get smashed and head for the library’
well I do drink, and I’ve done that and I still owe the money
how the champagne girls sit on and the stand and look out through the crowd
and nothing is wasted or compromised
the champagne girls won’t get you in
its like love and train fare…”

The song is call “Champagne Girls I Have Know” by Johnny Foreigner. The band seems custom-made for me. Guy/girl lyrics that are both shouty and melodic. Disjointed guitar parts that can’t decide how they want to go. All the while an electro anthem blares away letting everyone know this is a song to dance to. They write lyrics like, well… those above. Missed them at CMJ in NYC but whenever they come around next they cannot be missed.

Also in rotation:

Does It Offend You, Yeah? (if the Killers did electro-dance)
Laura Marling (singer/songwritery, great music video)
School of Seven Bells (alternating lounge and ethereal)
Duchess Says (grimy dance with screamed girl vocals)
Miles Anthony Benjamin Robinson (better live than recorded)
Free Moral Agents (hip-hop, jazzy goodness with Hooverphonic overtones)

All are for sure worth checking out. Except maybe Ms. Marling. I like “Ghosts” a lot. Its catchy and sweet. She sing “its not like I believe in everlasting love” like she does and to me its endearing. To others it’s cheesy.

I’ve been reading for English class. I know, shocker. “Babette’s Feast” by Isak Dinesen was quite good. Now I have to write a thesis using a school of lit crit. Marxism is easiest for me. Economic units help me make sense of the chaos that is story telling. New Criticism and postmodernism might be fun to try. Reader response seems pointless to me and why I hate English classes so often. Its like validating all the freshman who talk about their feelings all the time. Don’t they know that’s what bloging is for? I think I’ll go with the Feminists on this one. For once, it seems like the easiest way to go…

Listening to Underwear Reverb by Free Moral Agents. Post title is in honor of my two year anniversary with Elizabeth and by The Homosexuals (playing at the Velvet Lounge on Thursday, I’ll be at the M83 show. Spaced out French pop music instead of angular post-punk… the best kind of post-punk—a hard trade off)

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