Thursday, November 20

Make This Work

You may have noticed, if you could still find this place, that the URL has changed. What was is now and better for it! Spinny the Kid was a nickname of mine way back in high school and I’ve used it intermittently since then for screen names and such. I happened to google “spinnythekid” a few days ago and found a rather troubling result. My blog came up along with an entry from It included seven definitions of the term “spinny.” The best are numbers 1, 3 and 7. I’ll restate them here:

1.) Spinny – From south west England, mainly said if someone is confused about something. Spinny also means strange, tripping, odd, mysterious, unfamiliar.

3.) Spinny – The feeling you get after play a video game for at least three straight hours, usually an RPG. It’s a feeling hard to describe, almost as if you’ve checked out of your life for a while and then were suddenly thrown back in.

7.) Spinny – A small, fat, Italian kid who has a unibrow.

The first is appropriate. The second is how I feel a lot. And while I have nothing against small fat Italian kids with the misfortune of growing only one eyebrow I do not count myself among them. As #7 is the only noun I decided to change it up. A new look and a new URL. And pictures for the first time in the last post! Yes it certainly is exciting. Web 2.0 I mean. This blog is rather quotidian…

Listening to my post title which is a song by The Magistrates.

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