Sunday, May 24

Sweat It Out

Summer Listening Picks

Passion Pit, Manners
Selling Features:
1.) A high-pitched voice that evokes Journey in just the right way. 2.) They’re what MGMT wishes they sound like, and everyone fuckin’ loves MGMT, right? 3.) When you name drop them you’ll sound like a cool kid but the music is actually good.
Standout Tracks:
“Make Light” – Sounds like bulls crashing around a china shop while making pop music.
“Sleepyhead” – Anyone who dislikes this song is at least a little crazy.
“Moth’s Wings” – I’ve heard some people get on this band for its silly/sophomoric lyrics but I really like this song for both the music and the content. You be the judge.

Lady Gaga, The Fame
Yes, it’s been out since last year. Yes, I should have heard this record all the way through a long time ago. Whatever… It’s summer-good-time-dance-music and I’m on board.
Standout Tracks (besides the singles, which rock but are obvious):
“Paparazzi” – One of three slower love songs on the album. This is by far the best.
“Starstruck” – She equates dancing/love-making to the production of music, and not “let’s make some sweet music, baby” but “put your hand on my waist, pull the fader / run it back with original flavor / Queue me up, I’m the twelve on your table / I’m so starstruck.”
“Paper Gangsta” – Great piano throughout, and though it’s slower there is a driving quality to the beat that works its way under your skin. The way she calls out the potential suitor by calling him a paper gangsta is fantastic too.

Fuck Buttons, Street Horrrsing
I’m not a huge fan of anyone that has profanity in their band’s name. It seems needlessly stand-off-ish to me. Fuck Buttons has overcome that knee-jerk reaction, in part because it sort of sounds like a term of endearment and because I love their sound. A mix of noisy pop and out-there electro. Not for everyone but I will be bumping it this summer.
Standout Track:
“Colours Move” – The opener of an album is a hard needle to thead: do start with the barn burner that will be everyone’s favorite but not what the album actually sounds like? Maybe you kick off with the artistic instrumental interlude to show everyone how much Pink Floyd has influenced you (please note: I hate when you do this… you get one instrumental every two releases and they should come at the end or towards the end!) Fuck Buttons does both and it kicks ass!

Summertime Singles

The Whip, X Marks the Destination – “Trash”
I heard this on MTVU the other day and had to download it immediately. Sassy electro-pop that makes you want to strut around like a hipster douche. I love it!

Smashing Pumpkins, Special release for Nissan – “FOL”
Its that song from the Genesis Coupe commercial. Sue me…

Shiny Toy Guns, Season of Poison – “The Future Is Where We Belong”
Found in Gossip Girl’s season finale, when Chuck and Blair get together at long last. The moment was sound-tracked amazingly well with this song. Gauzy production, big slow drums, choral back-up and well executed transitions all come together well to make this song into something worth listening to after the television stops working its magic.

Azealia Banks, Youth Offender – “Seventeen”
Using the Ladytron track by the same name this rapper turns it on its head and makes one of the funniest songs to come out of hip-hop since Lil’ Mama’s ode to lip gloss.

Title from The Dream, Love Vs Money, listening to all of the above.

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