Tuesday, May 19

Have You Fallen Asleep

Things I have neglected to mention:

1.) My birthday was great! Wolverine, a surprise party, awesome gifts—what more could a man ask for? Well… maybe to be 21 again. So far 23 is okay, though. (See picture)

2.) Star Trek was truly entertaining. Not mind-blowing but solid nonetheless. Scotty and Bones were definitely the highlights.

3.) I got to feed llamas on Mother's Day at a party we went to. (See picture)

4.) I’ve got finals. Stressed but dealing. We’ll see.

5.) Summer school starts at the beginning of June. I seem to remember more time in between last year. Spanish here I come!

6.) Coach is back. Nando and I have plans for a summer full of activities (including a summer cook-off, but more on that in another post). Mike and I are hanging out this weekend. Things are good.

7.) Speaking of Mike, that fucking Lakers fan: the Celtics got kicked out of the finals on Sunday going down to the Heat in game 7 at the Garden. It was sad. KG needs to come back next season. Oh, by the way, I really enjoy watching basketball now…

Listening to “Kids” by Chiddy Bang. Title is by Paper Route from Absence… and no, I haven’t.

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