Tuesday, April 28

We Can't Read Poetry

So I have to give a presentation on Yeats in about an hour and a half. I’m looking forward to it. I knew he would be someone I’d like: angry, drunk, Irish… sign me up, right? I now understand why everyone like him though. Wow, even the crappy early stuff about fairies is entertaining. I particularly like “Sailing to Byzantium,” “Easter, 1916” and “”Second Coming.” Wish me luck with the thing.

I was hanging out with Mike on Saturday and got tons of new music, which was awesome. I also drank way too much for the first time in a while. Strangely I was sick the day after and not the night of, which has never happened to me before. Scotch and soda, you are a cruel mistress. Seriously, they incapacitated me for all of Sunday.

Nando and I watched “How I Met Your Mother” on Friday. He too has caught the horrible disease. I mean… CBS… really!?!? It’s just so damn entertaining. They banter well; it doesn’t seem forced like in so many sitcoms these days. It isn’t just actors waiting to say their next line. I’m not trying to defend it… I just think if you were to try and justify watching it in your head that would be a good point to make.

On the new music front (which does not include the old hardcore and emo stuff Mike and I got this weekend) I have a few notable finds, but I’ll try and keep it brief, just one quick one before I go:

Harlem Shakes – Technicolor Health (Album)
Great band, fun album, cool artwork, sentimental rocker songs (not rock going sentimental, rock that happens to be sentimental, there’s a fine distinction but an important one). They’ve got an all-over-the-place sound that I have been digging lately but they keep it from getting stale or too over-the-top. Four out of five stars…

Listening to “Niagara Falls” by Harlem Shakes, the title of this post is brought to you by Piebald, from Barely Legal/All Ages. The picture is from a couple days ago outside McKeldin Library, I put it in as I am enjoying this taste of summer a lot right now.

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