Tuesday, August 22

C'mon, C'mon

Well what a three day weekend. Friday I went up to Fredrick at the last minute to go see Snakes On A Plane. This movie could not be accused of false advertising. There were snakes, planes and Sam Jackson screaming his head off and gettin’ damn tiered of the reptilian passengers. It was fun and a better movie than I thought it would be going in. Half the fun was the twelve of us yelling and screaming through most of the flick.

Saturday was house-sitting at Sue’s. The dog was entertaining as usual, he ran into a few wall and chased his tail for about three hours. I stayed up all night and watched the first season of “Rescue Me” and the first season of “Weeds”. I have to say Rescue is one of my new favorite shows. The entire show is well written (unusual in the current TV landscape) and has storylines that are actually fresh and interesting on a regular basis (while occasionally bordering on the soap-opera side of things). Denis Leary’s character is always in turns hilarious and depressing in the worst ways (or best depending on how you like it). “Weeds” was also a lot of fun. The theme song is horrible something that doesn’t usually bother me, but this one is truly heinous. The show is based around a widow how turns to dealing weed in suburban California to make ends meet. It is funny for the most part and thoroughly odd, Kevin Nealon makes the show however as the city councilmen how can’t get through a day without a puff or ten. I’ll rent the second season as soon as it comes out at the end of the year if only because the last episode of the first has some great allusions to The Godfather.

Monday was spent looking everywhere for the second season of “Rescue Me” and hanging out with Nando at a 24 hour Dunkin’ Doughnuts which was fun, we both want to frequent it at about 3am for the people watching. The rest of the week will be work, work, work. Hopefully this will be a weekend of scotch and Baltimore or something along those lines. Anyway NFA party on the 2cd is in the not too distant future and I can’t wait. Should be a blow out…

Listening to: I'll Be Your Man by The Black Keys and Hugs for Boys by Braid

Rescue Me- 10:00pm Tuesdays on FX
Weeds- 10:00pm Mondays on Showtime
(For those interested)

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