Saturday, August 26

News...And A Different Direction?

This is becoming more and more routine. Every four days. Like clock work for the past couple of posts. This week was ridiculously good. Bad new to begin with but good news at the end. ‘Nuff’ said about all that. I think this one of the vary rare weekend posts. So there wont be much to report on the Greg making merry front. However I had a good time tonight hangs in Potomac with friends (Nando and Skippy). Long and crazy discussions ranging from the mildly inappropriate to the illegal in every sense. I’ve been saying for years that I need a stenographer to record the things that come out of our mouths when over caffeinated, for posterity’s sake alone. At the moment I am sipping a lovely Killian’s Irish Red and waiting for my laundry to be done. In case any of my readers were curious.

School starts up on the 6th, which will be nice. A little structure in what has lately been an overly chaotic life. Work and school should be taking up most of my time from then on out, but I hope to get down to St. Mary’s as much as possible, by way of Fredrick of course (what’s 450 miles a weekend among friends). Also hoping to see a lot more of the Baltimore kids. So that’s were the plans are at the moment for the next couple months, a lot of buckling down and hopefully good weekends.

On the pop culture front, which I seem to be posting a lot about lately, I recently watched a great show. The pilot for Studio 60 On The Sunset Strip. And yes unfortunately that’s the real name (though I believe its primarily being called just Studio 60). It’s the new Aaron Sorkin project. For those who don’t know Sorkin wrote The West Wing (Seasons 1-4), Sports Night and probably most notably A Few Good Men. He is with out a doubt the best writer in television. Story, character, pacing. Everything seems to flow smoothly and when you add in his penchant for dealing with current events, it’s honestly moving at times. His new show takes a look behind the scenes at a show very similar to SNL. I wont say much about the pot which is quite good but the opening sequence is some of the most blunt and honest commentary on the state of television today that I have every heard. With the cast including Amanda Pete, Bradley Whitford (a West Wing alum), and Mathew Perry, it should prove to be just as good an ensemble cast as the West Wing was. The show premiers this fall. I got lucky and had a friend with nexflicks so I could see the early release. If you wont take my word for it after I made my Mom watch it (and she refuses to watch T.V. shows), she said that she was hooked and wouldn’t miss an episode.

Okay, so I’ve been watching a lot of FX lately and cant help but feel as if I am missing out huge on not watching Nip/Tuck. The show seems overly soapish (not that for me that’s a bad thing) but the promos make it seem like round-breaking television. I hate it when this happens, because trust me this is not the first time. Every time I look in TV Guide and see the listing for Lost I feel this pang of regret that I haven’t been addicted since the beginning. And the same thing happens with Grey’s Anatomy. Huge success and yet I don’t watch. The only two show I can really claim to have gotten in on the round floor of were 24 (I have only missed four episodes in four years) and, I am ashamed to admit…The O.C. I gave up on it at the end of Season 2 however it sucked me back in to see Marissa die and Ryan carry her off to Hallelujah which was the first song that they ever played when it was apparent that they would be together (granted one by Buckley and the other by Heap). Alright so I am a girl…whatever. I watch 24 too! I think I may have stumbled on my format that I was in search of a couple of posts back. Mike is the Music Jerk, and I shall be TV Geek…
This is purely a spur of the moment thing but I like it…changes may be to come

Stay tuned!

Ha ha…appropriate.

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