Tuesday, September 5

Brothers In Arms

Well I should have posted a few days ago but here we are… this last week has been amazingly busy with work piling up by the minute and trying to figure out the rigmarole of school bureaucracy. Seriously for a community college, MC has like fifteen deans and way too much red tape. I’m sort of surprised that anyone dumb is able to wade through it all. Elitist comments aside, Thursday is day one of the new year and I’m looking forward. It will be nice to get back to the routine. Even though I didn’t really have much of a summer vacation. Whatever.

Saturday Night was great. It was Dave’s going away party over in College Park. A bunch of people showed up most of whom I knew which was surprising. A bit on the drama heavy side but otherwise a great party. I tried to go as pretentious as possible (read: Morrissey T-Shirt, Red Velvet Corduroy Jacket, Vintage Aviators), which is always fun. Allen-the-beer-guy came through as usual with a great porter and the amount of liquor around amazed even the most jaded of drinkers. The Summerville brothers have no lost their touch…

TV Geek is up and sort of running at www.tv-geek.blogspot.com for all to check out and hopefully on Friday there will be a real post up after primetime is over.

Hoping to make it down to St. Mary’s this coming weekend, which will be fun, I would imagine. Nothing else really.

Listening to Please Drive Faster by Braid and This Charming Man by The Smiths


Mike said...

I'll link the tv geek site to music jerk if you'd like.

By the by, D thinks you're awesome so don't worry about anything. Oh and Seth thought you/D/both of you were doing coke off a bowie knife at Dave's party. HAHA!

Greg said...

Sure, sounds good (about the like)

And I was dressed for it...damn I should have spoken in Depeche Mode Lyrics all night. Oh well next time.