Monday, September 18

She Likes Big Words

Great weekend. I went to pick up Mike and Matt and we got down to St. Mary’s at 8ish. Sort of just chilled for a bit and played some games. One of which, Guitar Hero, is insanely addictive and amazing. I was up until six in the morning playing it while everyone else was sleeping. I’m not very good but I can now play Bad Religion’s Infected pretty well. Anyway, we got up early to head back to the DC area. Dropped off Matt at Shady Grove Metro and headed home. Mike chilled at my house while I did the family thing (which was nice, if fairly stereotypically Italian). Then we headed back down to St. Mary’s. I know, crazy right? Probably but it seemed like a good idea at the time. I meet up with my old roommate Carrey and we sort of wandered around for a while. I ended up seeing a bunch of people that I hadn’t in a long time. It was actually quite fun. I got back to their house at around six and over slept a bit for the next day. Mike woke me up at noon and, and we hit the road to Nissan. Baron was waiting for us there and we proceeded into a world of “jerbandness.” I didn’t know that Hot Topic had that much clothing to sell. Anyway Deadsy was on early so we just caught them. They were great! They played their cover of Tom Sawyer (originally by Rush) that was great and The Winners (one of my favorite songs off the first album). They announced after the set that they would be signing stuff, so we went, figuring that since we were all broke we would get our tickets signed. They had posters and stickers ready and waiting! So that was cool. Mike and I both splurged a bit and got these wristband and button sets that are sweet. They play again with the Deftones sometime next month, so that should be good. I went and dropped Mike in Fredrick (actually he did the lion’s share of the driving Sunday) and dropped myself the minute I got home.

This week should be chill, a paper due at the end of the week and a lot of reading for school, work is moving along well to, even though I definitely don’t get paid enough for what I’m doing (or so I’ve been told by a couple people).

Listening to Put You On The Game by The Game and some 213…’cause I too have a G-ed up swagger.

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