Thursday, September 21

Elevate Me Later

Sorry about yesterday. I was just in a bad mood. Mike’s, or Tzara’s…I’m not sure which, that “life should be seen as widely dehumanizing” was bugging me along with this ongoing internal monologue about deconstructionism and devolution versus progress and whatever “comes next”. Speaking of Art and Philosophy and all that crap that I get distracted by too much lately, the DAMO page has been updated a bit, just some little things, you can find it through my blog profile. Anyway, yeah sorry. I’m honestly not even sure anyone reads this anymore but I said in my first post that I would not do that. Oh well…

Today was good. I played devils advocate to a bunch for people screaming “free trade” in my World Affairs class. Protectionism is fun to defend because the immediacy of its benefits are easy. “Free trade stops wars!” though (as Toby said so eloquently). Babbling about Detroit and US Steel was fun though. That and everyone seems to know that Free Trade is good but none of them came close to actually articulating it.
So for real for real, my phone is totally screwed up and I’m not sure if or when I’m getting a new one. If someone wants or needs (though I doubt need will arise) to get a hold of me leave me a comment on this or the myspace. Hopefully I will get a brand new shiny phone soon with even more features that I’ll either never use or annoy people with constantly! I’m gunning for a blackberry but that might be out of the question. Mr. Jenkins does make a powerful argument in the affirmative, but my means may not consent, or my parents. Most likely both.

I can’t say enough how great last weekend was. Truly a much needed get away from the general drudgery. I had fun with just about everyone I hung with that night. And there were a lot of people. Being a social butterfly is so vainly satisfying that its scary.
This weekend will bring less excitement (as you may have gathered from the previous post), but the booze will flow thickly and smell like Guinness (I’m Irish…who’d you think I was?). One of the best parts of Autumn? Its Guinness season at the house!
I have nothing on the radar for the following weekend (way to early to tell yet I know) but I’m hoping to get down to SMCM again or possibly blow a lot of money at thrift stores. Those are the two big options at the moment. They, I am sure will change before too long…

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