Friday, September 15

Sleeping Off Summer

FRIDAY YEAH!! I had a good week at school. My teachers are both quite funny. One totally called out this guy who had his cell phone on. He actually ordered him out of the class. It was grand. It was a really annoying ring too, something rap that I didn’t know. Work has been pretty crazy, the company has expanded three times over since I started this blog. That’s not normal, or hopefully sustainable growth.

St. Mary’s is just a few hours away, but the drive will be interesting. First up to Fredrick to get Mike then a quick stop off at Shady Grove to pick up The Historian and hen the long trek down route 5 to bliss and booze. Only Friday unfortunately. I’ve got y baby cousin’s fourth birthday on Saturday and I must make an appearance. Then I think it will be on to Baltimore with Mike to see the crew up there. Mr. Jekins is performing at Townsend and we may indulge in what I can only imagine is some thoroughly “wild” hardcore. Sunday is Deadsy which I am mad excited for. The costumes I wanted to get didn’t pan out but that may be for the best. Hopefully I’ll be able to give the new CD some consideration on the long drives ahead.

Nothing else really right now, I’m just kind of bored at work while the departments all meet. Summer is coming to an end and the beginning of Fall is right around the corner. I went out to smoke a cigarette last night at around midnight and I could see my breath, and no, it wasn’t just the smoke. I like the fall its my favorite season but there is this part of you ingrained since kindergarten that always gets a little bummed. Upside of upsides however…its pay day. Maybe two of the best words in any language when used in conjunction. So I’m not too bummed. LOOK HOW GREG IS LIVIN’

Sorry I haven’t used that line in a while…

Listening to Reflections of Milkweed by Indian Summer and Love Fool (that’s right…Love Fool) by The Cardigans.

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