Sunday, September 10


Well what a weekend. Friday was a blast I went up to Fredrick thinking that I’d hand out with Baron and Mike and partake in a little of the new season’s theme. It ended up with way more people which is always fun. We went over to the Coffee Shop and played the most intense game of Jenga ever! We actually couldn’t make it any taller. There were even spectators, and the competition element disappeared quickly as the tower got bigger. More of a team effort than a “who is going to lose” thing. Well after that we went walking around bumping into Mr. Jekin’s friends at parks. And ambled along the Fredrick Canal, a sort of artificial river that will hopefully bring in the crowds once it is all done.

A bit about the theme I have been alluding to. I’m sort of new to this, but every year the group comes up with a theme for the season. This basically dictates behavior, fashion and music. Of course its not strictly enforced or anything but it’s kind of fun to play around with. This Season is titled “The Spirit Of Autumn.” The essence is mid-nineties “emo,” so it will be a lot of short sleeve collar shirts and cuffed jeans along with ancient band shirts and bulky shoes or chucks. The Music will be everything from Braid (my personal favorite of the season) to Nation of Ulysses. And of course there will be a lot of reminiscing about the past and being in love with girls that you will never even talk to. So really not a lot will change for me. I am rather proud of myself for putting forth the leading idea for next season. It will be a two part-er “White Noise Winter” punctuated by “A Two-Tone Christmas.” I just like the though of ska and Jesus together at last.

One last thing. As I was logging on to blogspot there is this rolling list of what has been updated. It’s a cool little feature, but as I got to the site the most recently updated blog as entitled “Potatobabies.” I thought some of you might like to know. Unfortunately the site is about dolls that this woman makes out of her house, and nothing to do with me and my people.

Listening to Sleeping Off The Summer by Boy’s Life and Don’t Hate Me by The Get Up Kids

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