Monday, September 25

Oh Messy Life

Alright so I had a nice quite weekend. Friday after work I had a big family dinner, which was nice. I got do see Bella a little more…actually a lot more, I’m the de facto babysitter at these sort of gatherings. The upside is that I get to do coloring books. I fucking love coloring books! Saturday was great, I had this super intense conversation with Harry, that was amazing and fun and very confusing all at the same time. I went to go have coffee with Sara after that which was also nice. Catching up is always good. That night I talked with my granddad about history until quite late, sort of a continuation of a similar discussion Friday. He is ridiculously smart, which I never realized, and he knows politics way to well. I was interesting to connect with someone from my family again, I hadn’t done that in a while. Sunday was a crap-load of reading that was both interesting and infuriating. So as to give us both sides of historical writing, my US and World Affairs teacher assigned us this book, American Victories (Why America wins wars). I wont go into the details but think Ann Coulter on crack and you have his essential political viewpoint. I hate both extremes, but this was some of the most inflammatory stuff I’ve read in a long time. I guess the most depressing part of the whole thing is that he has a bit of a mind, and uses it only to deride the far left, giving no moderate viewpoint from either aisle. I finished it and after tomorrow I wont have to think about it again hopefully!

Beyond that I’m hoping like hell that there will be a new cell phone in the near future, Wednesday if everything goes to plan. Right now I really want the “V,” it is basically Verizon’s answer to the sidekick. I wont be getting many of the special features right away, but there is always the upgrade! I also think I’ll be able to keep my same number. If not I’ll give you a call.

That and school work are about the only thing on my plate at the moment, so I’ll be really bored and junk. This will I’m sure lead to lots of posts this week, whatever…Hey this is also the big 5-0. Fifty posts and seven and a half months have brought all two or three of you to this spot! Wow…maybe I should have made this one more important…

Listening to Alone In Kyoto by Air and Cruella by Deadsy

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