Friday, September 22

Young Machines

Alright so, quite morning so far. Everybody is in the big Friday meeting. So I have time to waste. Cool. Well. I really don’t have much of substance to say other than I completely agree with Shah about the whole Darfur thing. That is an awful situation that should be leading or at least front page on every newspaper in the country. We are afraid to intervene because of Somalia but I think after Baghdad, urban warfare is something that our troops have down pretty good. There are issues of sovereignty as always but fuck that when the Mujhadeen (sp.?) are mowing down women and children. I think we should go get there backs…with tanks (to paraphrase President Bartlet).
On a less depressing note I have figured out my myspace/blogspot dilemma. I’m going to keep posting here as I always have but there will be a little dumb content on the myspace page. Surveys, quizzes, whatever I feel like. I mean essentially this is for Shah to keep up on my life and for Mike to occasionally (when internet is available to him) call me on some musical reference I made or something. I like that and don’t want it to change, however being a budding myspace junkie, I feel as if I should do more with my page or something.
That’s all for now. Time to be productive. In, I’ll grant you, a rather Friday-half-assed kind of way!

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Shah said...

I miss you bro and thanks for all the nice things you said. I have already planned to take off a week in May (Paid Vacation) so that will be fun fun fun.