Wednesday, September 20

The Boy With The Thorn In His Side

So I’m really bored and there is nothing good on TV…by the way I think that TV Geek is going to be dead for a while. All I really have time for this week is work, I work at school I work at work and I do both of those works at home, so sleeping and junk is about all I have time for.

Except tonight. Yeah of course when there is nothing good on. So I’m becoming a total myspace freak just like everybody else. The thing is a huge time suck…I have to check it at least once a day now…I’m almost thinking that I should move the blog…but I wont. Blogspot has its charms…

I don’t really feel like doing anything besides nothing

Coming down of a literary high sucks

Coming down off any high sucks

I’m still sort of amped from the weekend even but that’s diminishing. Anyway.

Nothing to do this weekend. I apparently didn’t do enough of the family thing this weekend so I’m in relations purgatory for a while. Grandparents on Friday Cousins on Saturday and then a shit load of reading that I should really be doing now on Sunday…

Missing people like crazy…wanting to see everyone I know (and like) at once would lead to some sort of nuclear explosion of resentment and dislike, that or the time-space continuum would tear and existence would shift…ah the multiverse (thank you Kant)

Oh and my phone is really fucked up so if you want to call, I dunno...wait until November when I get a new one...

This is lame, I’m going to go look for people I knew in Kindergarten some more

Listening to Sonny by Morrissey and Do You Like Coffee by Braid

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