Friday, September 8

Urbana's Too Dark

Alright this one is gonna be quick…

Good day at work and I could actually concentrate (thank you uppers). Finished part one of ten of my huge filing project but it felt good. Accomplishment rules a bit.

I can’t decide if Velcro is sexy or not. I am airing on the side of not sexy at the moment. Thoughts and discussion are welcome

In honor of “The Spirit of Autumn” theme for the upcoming season (more on that later) I did a little preview at work music wise. In other words I listened to Braid all day long. Such a great band. Nana is insanely talented. Anyway I was listening to A Dozen Roses and I came to the (all be it hasty conclusion) that the build up and catharsis to it (the part were he says “Static made on radio over and over again [2:20-3:12])is one of the greatest rock moments of the late 90s.

As I was looking up when exactly “Frame And Canvas” came out I saw that Vitamin C has a new album out. She and Shinoda should do a duet. Sorry Mike I cant hate him as much as you. He is involved in the only rap song in which Johnnie Walker Blue is referenced (thankfully not by him) [Banquet Remix by Apathy]

Very excited for my next pay check I have almost all of it figured out. That’s probably a bad thing but I have decided to actually save some of it. We’ll see how that ends up going. I’m going to guess that Mike and I will end up drinking it in some for or another. On the Upside it’s a biggie!

I already told you what I was listening to…what do you want from me!

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Mike said...

Shinoda is a #$*&%$#@