Monday, August 14

Snakes On A Plane (Bring It)

So I was watching MTV2’s Elite 8 and VH1’s Top 20, you know just flipping back and forth. There are some thoroughly crazy videos out these days. To run down the list: The first one I saw was the new Ok Go Single. The Video consisted of the four band members doing some ridiculous choreography on a series of treadmills. Watch this…its not a great song or anything but the treadmill dancing is worth it alone. The second was the new Pharell video. Of course it had the usual Rap excess but he brought it to a whole new level when he pours Crystal over his cornflakes…also I think the obligatorily “video vixens” might have been Alicia Keys and Ashanti. Does the new Justin Timberlake single bug the crap out of anyone else. I didn’t hate the first album or anything it was good pop, but damn the last minute of the song makes me want to rip my ears oof and give them to a deaf kid, then force him to listen to it as a cruel joke. The last and most ridiculous might be lost on most of you but trust me if you worked in Tower records of any length of time or are sixteen this will blow you minds. It was off the Snakes on a plan soundtrack. So you know its going to at least be an entertaining video but the artist in it were some of the brightest up and coming names in the indie-pop world. The lead singer for the Sounds, the lead singer for Midtown (I think) the lead singer for The Academy Is and the lead singer for The Gym Class Heroes. There is also a cameo if I don’t miss my guess from somebody in Fall Out Boy. Not the singer but maybe the bassist…I’m not sure. How they got all these guys in one song is insane. Oh wait I forgot…its SNAKES ON A MOTHERFUCKING PLANE! The song is not very good but hey whatever right. And yes Sam Jackson makes a cameo. Did I mention that the project is called Cobra Starship and the name of the song is Snakes On a Plane (Bring It)…And really; don’t think less of me for knowing this, I was subjected to this music day in and day out for five months at Tower. That and some of the stuff is catchy.

I’ve been working on my argument for the whole Joy Division v. New Order debate and I haven’t quite finished so that will be the next post. I want to sort of have that as a stand alone type thing. Anyway I apologize to Mike for totally stealing his format for the past two posts…that will hopefully stop soon.

In other news I have stated a second blog. Not that I can keep this one up. Its going to be a sort of art/philosophy thing. Both Mike and Shah have their own DAMO things and I wanted to be able to talk about art without the necessary absurdity that follows with DAMO.

I think I might…might be moving out soon due to some school stuff that I’ll go into later or not. But yeah anyone who is looking for a gainfully employed roommate let me know. I have a few options at the moment but nothing is definite yet. Not even the moving part.


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Yeah, it's the guy from Midtown.

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