Thursday, December 18


School is done with (as of about 2 hours ago), Christmas is around the corner and it is time for my Best of the Year in Review themed post. I apologize in advance if this seems trite or ill-conceived or both. It probably will be…

Culled from the “New Stuff” playlists from my iTunes this is my mix of the best music that I downloaded in 2008. I say downloaded because not everything was in fact recorded in 2008. But you know the old adage: it’s new to me!

1.) Campus by Vampire Weekend
2.) Come on Feet by Pete & the Pirates
3.) Alice Practice by Crystal Castles
4.) Northwestern Girls by Say Hi
5.) Bad Girl (Part 1 & 2) by Lee Moses
6.) The Inbetweens by the Magistrates
7.) Bumble Bee by Adam & the Amythists
8.) Keep Yourself Warm by Frightened Rabbit
9.) Until We Bleed (feat. Lykke Li) by Kleerup
10.) Sleepy Head by Passion Pit
11.) With Handclaps by Y’all Are Fantasy Island
12.) Curs in the Weeds by Horse Feathers
13.) Monster by The Soiree
14.) A Thousand Eyes by Crystal Antlers
15.) Sweet Disposition by Temper Trap
16.) The Furnace by Meursault
17.) Salt, Peppa & Spindarella by Johnny Foreigner

I don’t watch a lot of TV on my own. Its usually with Elizabeth but I feel like I can confidently say a could of things about the ’08 boob tube landscape.

Most surprisingly good show: 30 Rock
Now that it isn’t competing with Studio 60 I have made peace and actually like it. Baldwin is very good.

Most disappointing show: True Blood
Southern gothic, vampires, Anna Paquine getting naked: why didn’t I like it? No… I’m asking. There is no reason I should have gotten bored half way through the first episode.

Guilty Pleasure: Gossip Girl
Who among us can say no to witty NYC elites stumbling through adolescence? Oh, almost everyone. Okay. I’ll just be over here waiting for the next txt msg from GG, ttyl.

Comedy that makes me want to get HBO: Flight of the Conchords
The Bowie song they do is too funny for words…

Best Reality TV show that Elizabeth makes me watch, that I complain about but secretly like: Clean House
The woman from Reno 911 is on it. She’s funny. Don’t judge me!

The go-to Channel of ‘08: MTV U
A channel of music videos? Imagine that! They should have done this ages ago.

Best in Show: Tie – House & Chuck.
Both are so good, House is well written, compelling and hilarious, something that almost never happens on network TV. Chuck has an idiotic premise and fairly ridiculous characters that you shouldn’t care about, and yet you can’t help but root for the geek from Nerd Herd willing him to finally make a move with Sara, hoping that he and Casey actually become friends… and Capt. Awesome is freaking great.


Dark Knight, Burn After Reading, Milk, WALLE, Rachel Getting Married, Smart People, Speed Racer, Juno (came out in 2007 but I saw it in theaters in January..)

That is in no particular order. Also it is based on memory and only what I actually saw in 2008. So if I saw a movie with you but forgot it or think its was longer than a year ago, even though it was not… please do let me know. These are just the ones that made a great impression.

Anyway that is everything. I think. Are there categories that I missed? Whatever. I just finished my semester. Time to go get drunk!!! Or have a quiet evening in. Depends on who answers their phone.

Listening to Until We Bleed (feat. Lykke Li) by Kleerup. Post title by Matt & Kim from their new album that I want really badly!

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