Monday, December 8

Quick & Painful

To do:

Tonight – finish 15 page paper on Raymond Aron and Albert Camus for History of European Ideas II

Tuesday – Hand in paper for History of Ideas II, write paper on Isak Denisen, finish rewrite of paper on “Dulce et decorum est” by Wilfred Owen for Writing About Literature, take clothes to drycleaner.

Wednesday – Write textual analysis for History of European Ideas II class on Lukac’s “History of Class Consciousness,” meet with some dude in my French History class to give him notes, start powerpoint presentation for Advanced Composition, turn in Writing About Literature papers, get clothes from drycleaners.

Thursday – Meet Advanced Composition group at the library to work on presentation, study for exams (part 1).

Friday – Give advanced composition presentation, study for exams (part 2), see family for pre-wedding festivities, go to rehearsal dinner after-party and get wasted.

Saturday – Go to pottery thing for Elizabeth, go to wedding, get wasted, exam study (part 3)?

Sunday – Sleep, Study for exams.

Monday – Exam in History of European Ideas II. Study more

Tuesday – Study for exams all day.

Wednesday – Study for exams… part 6 or something, cry a lot.

Thursday – Exams in French History, and Writing About Literature. Say goodbye to Fall 2008 Term.

Friday – Drive to Iowa.

Monday – Fly home.

December 23 though January 26 – Get wasted, look for a new job, read only stupid pop-culture books, or nothing at all.

Listening to my brain explode. Blog title: "Quick & Painful" by Free Blood, from The Singles.

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