Wednesday, December 31

Universal Mind Control

I dislike the New Year’s Resolution thing. It seems like an arbitrary time to decide to start something. But then January seems like an arbitrary month to start a year. Resolutions do help to focus one’s intent. And intent is something that could use some focusing in my life at the moment. So here are my resolutions for 2009.

1.) My first resolution is also the most pressing: find a fucking job! Not only do I need an income but I also need something to occupy my time. I tend to bug the crap out of my friends and spend too much time watching music videos otherwise.

2.) Decide what to do next, at least for the foreseeable future, once I graduate. Law School? Grad degree in history? Soulless corporate gig that pays well? The last one isn’t likely considering the state of market capitalism but a guy can dream. I should probably replace it with “work at Starbuck?” but that would be too depressing a start point.

3.) Read more books for fun. Or at the very least finish the books that I’ve started and never gotten through. It happens a lot.

4.) Stop being jealous of everyone’s new Mac. Mine works just fine, I don’t need a new one. I’m hoping that if I keep telling myself that it will work at any rate.

5.) Save more money once I find a job. I have like $13 to my name. I too have delusions of homeownership. Maybe a condo…

So those are my aspirations for the coming year. Stay tuned to Morning of Forced Lesure to see if any of them work out. I’m handicapping 3 : 1 odds against for the last four. I would assume I’ll be able to find some sort of work at some point next year. Fingers crossed.

Song by Common from “Announcement EP.” Listening to “Kids (Pet Shop Boys Synth-Pop Remix)” by MGMT. Sorry there was no Meursault review, I want more time with it since it deserves a well written and thought-out post.

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