Monday, May 22

Man Sitting In A Chair, Staring At A Cube

I am returned from my weekend feeling tired and out of sorts…a good sign by most accounts. It was one of those weekends that feels absolutely jam-packed, but when you look back, flew by too quickly. Friday I got off work at around 1 (early…yay!) and headed up to Fredrick to chill with Mike and Dave. We went over to the hookah bar there and had a lovely margarita flavored time. I also got some great CDs on loan from Mike including the hilarious Emo Summer (I’m not sure it is supposed to be though) and the absolutely amazing Indian Summer discography “Science 1994.” We all headed over to College Park and had a party at the Summerville's place. I met this awesome guy there how brews his own beer, which was amazingly good and I think in hindsight more than a little over-proofed. Saturday was the Avalon Party over at my house. It was a blast but I wish that more people had shown up. I tried a new drink called “Calimocho” which involved coke red wine and lime juice. It sounds horrible and for a wine snob such as myself I was very skeptical. However is was great…A kind of sangria like concoction that was both refreshing and very alcoholic (my too favorite qualities in a summer drink). Some friends brought over this portable fire pit as well, so we ended up all staying outside in the rather brisk spring night around a roaring blaze. It felt more like autumn than spring. Sunday however was a nightmare. At the ass crack of noon after staying up till 5 we had people over to see the house. So as usual I got dressed cleaned my room and was promptly kicked out. I went over to Hollywood Video to get a few titles (The Producers is quite funny…in an over the top musical sort of way). Then it happened; I went to into the Game Stop or whatever it was next door and bought Oblivion. It will destroy my life. Amazing graphics (which I was surprised my computer can actually run) and an immediately engrossing story line. That and the opening cut scene has Capt. John-Luc Picard as the voice of the emperor! My summer will now, I’m sure, be spent playing as much of this game as humanly possible. I almost don’t even want to watch the finale of 24 tonight so that I can play Oblivion. HA just kidding; I could never miss the ever raspy-voiced Kiefer as Jack Bauer…KILLING THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES ON PRIMETIME!!!! The writers for this show are absolutely “round the bend.” It should be a good night…24 to watch and an Oblivion Gate to close in the city of Kavatch…sweet (insert Homer drooling noise here)

Listening to Fascination Street by The Cure, I’ll Believe In Anything by Wolf Parade
And Girlfriend Is Worse by The Ex Models

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