Wednesday, May 17


Another day of the 7-5 mad dash. Work is crazy as always. Too much to do…well other people anyway. I’m at my desk at the moment taking a bit of an early afternoon/post lunch blog break (the best kind). No much for me to do at the moment. There are a couple of long term projects but I’m not up for starting them today. On a related topic my employment with WRIT will be at an end as of the 26th. I start school on the 30th and work will not be an option as I go back to high school levels of attendance time. I have had a job way more often than not since I was thirteen; and while the prospect of work has never been a real turn on I feel as if I never accomplish anything when I don’t. A horrible paradox to be sure, but what isn’t in my life… Enough of the mooping, this weekend is weighing heavily on my mind. I’m so sick of the general area I’ve been in of late that I’m desperate for a change. But desperate enough to do something even more lame than hang about a Starbucks just in a different county? No…I think…
Anyway the grandiose ideas that have been sprouting the fertile bed of boredom which is my mind have lead me to believe that I may have built up the weekend too much so as to make any eventuality seem less by comparison to my wild and impossible dreams. And if you guessed that that last sentence was me just trying to see how long I could drag it out…you are right. So I bought Stadium Arcadium by The Red Hot Chili Peppers a few days ago because I liked the single a lot (“Dani California”). Interestingly the new single, “By the Way” and “Californiacation” are a trilogy about some girl that Flea and Kiedis know. Thought that was a new idea. At least the part about spreading them over, what, like five years almost I think. The new CD surprised me by being a double. After liking the last two albums as much as I did and a strong first single I was “amped” to hear the Chili Pepper goodness. I have yet to try the second disc (entitled “Mars” and its counterpart “Jupiter”) the first CD is a big disappointment. For the beginning they run back to their older sound (funk-rock) that in my opinion falls fairly flat coming from a bunch of southern Californian white boys. Now I shall reserve judgment of the entire thing until I muster the courage and give Mars a listen. However if it follows along the lines of the track “Readymade” I think there will be one less Peppers fan in the world. I also, in the same stroke, bought “10,000 Days” the new Tool album. I think that Tool can be incredibly pretentious (which is saying something) and on a whole a decent but overly name-dropped band. That and Maynard Keenan looks like he should have stopped doing heroin along with everyone else in 1997. The New CD will take you an a journey. Well more a trip really. The guitar solos are something that Stevie Ray Vaughan would masturbate to and the vocals are subsumed in the rolling bass and rhythm section of what is either an orchestra or a talented mixer either is wasting talent on this simplistic back beat hodgepodge. That being said I do like the album for the most part. There are some good almost-single-worthy songs on it notably “Pot” and “Rosetta Stoned.” Think they had a substance in mind or on the mind when in the studio? Enough I made this longer than I intended.

Listening to Urbana Is Too Dark by Braid
and Something about A Nightmare by Camera Obscura
(To wash the bad taste out of my ears)


Mike said...

Chill with me this weekend. We'll get you into Baltimore. Far away (and the excat opposite) of what Jack and I once dubbed "the OC of the east coast."

Call me if you're down.

Greg said...

Haha, that it is sir that it is...friday is how many days away?