Tuesday, May 23

New Dawn Fades

So last night was an utter blast. I got home and played a bunch of Oblivion and watched some Sports Night. Then I watched a movie called 24 Hour Party People. It was basically a biopic of Tony Wilson and the rise of the Manchester scene through the mid seventies to the mid nineties. The film was at times tedious (mainly due to the choppy editing) but on a whole incredible. For those who don’t know Tony Wilson was the owner of the Hacienda (one of the most famous night clubs ever) and the “owner” of Factory Records (Joy Division, New Order, Happy Mondays). I highly recommend the movie to anyone interested in the era or the people (Ian Curtis, Bernard Sumner, Martin Hannett). I also watched The Safety of Objects. It wasn’t as good as the other but interesting none the less. It was a kooky little tale of anti-materialism and inter-personal relationships colliding in a suburban neighborhood. Who knew Joshua Jackson could act a bit? 24 was of course amazing and the next season will be a heartbreaker as Mr. Sutherland won’t be there long…Anyway all of yesterday should have been a crap shoot. I got into a car accident yesterday coming home from work. My car got all banged up (but drivable). And insurance is going to be a total bitch but I keep it all in perspective when I realize that it might have been much, much worse. Well the weekend is fast approaching and I’m looking forward to it as I have to start school on Tuesday. And don’t be too surprised is all I talk about is Joy Division and Ian Curtis next time you see me…judge me not harshly it’s just the movie.

Listening to a shit load of Joy Division and New Order


Mike said...

You're finally getting into Joy Division! Yay!!

Now I'll have someone to go with me to the Ian Curtis bio movie this summer!

Greg said...

Seriously that sounds amazing!! I just found it an hour before I read your comment

Shah said...

I just got back but i dont have a cell phone. Or else I would call and we could all hang out