Wednesday, February 14

Object Of My Affection

I apparently jumped the gun on my anniversary edition. The actual first post was the 18th. Oh well.

I think I have a fever. I want to leave work really badly but I didn’t drive (fucking snow) and the Development division is bitch slapping me around with work. I haven’t been able to see straight at all today (but people keep saying that it has been horrible for a while now). I can’t get sick. I can’t get sick. I can’t get sick.

Hope everyone enjoys the day off in DC. Me and the Federal workforce will continue to slug through. Government doesn’t take off, neither does real estate. Even if all the essential support businesses are out. This leads to more work for me and less work for everyone else. I got a pizza lunch out of it though. Due to the fever however it has just made me queasy…

It’s Valentine’s Day for most people. Mine isn’t until Friday. This is a mixed blessing since I still need to do some gifting before then…

That’s about it.

Oh, one more thing:

I love you Ib.

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