Friday, February 16

Private World

I love elevators. They are a terribly interesting look at how uncomfortable everyone is with one another. I’ve been observing this phenomenon for a while now and I have discovered that there are a few rules to riding an elevator.

1.) If there are only two people on an elevator they must be as far apart as humanly possible.
2.) I rule number one is broken there is usually a glare or a cough from the person who entered first.
3.) If three or more people ride see Rule 1
4.) The only acceptable places to look while riding an elevator are at the door, your shoes, or the lights at the top.
5.) If you break rule 4 see consequences from Rule 2
6.) If you get on with someone you know (say from your office there are only two possible outcomes, either the conversation is halted abruptly when one or both of you leave the elevator or there is an awkward silence that sets in after the normal pleasantries are exchanged.
7.) If you find yourself in a conversation in an elevator and someone else gets on the conversation is either ended or carried on with only vague references to what you where talking about a moment ago.
8.) In all likelihood you will try and push the same button at the same time as the creepy guy from Accounting…

So that is what I’ve gathered.

Beyond those inane observations life is good. I am not sick ( I think) as my last post may have lead some to believe. I’m headed down to St. Mary’s to do the valentines thing this afternoon, and school is working out oddly well, as I got out of my Bio Exam and a Philosophy exam due to snow and ice. This is the same ice that has transmuted into some sort of cement or adamantium that trapped my car this morning. I tried everything, eventually resorting to a hammer and chisel which still didn’t work. It is still stuck. Thank god my family has 75 cars! Okay, we don’t actually have 75 but there seem to be way too many most of the time.

That’s all for now, hope everyone has a lovely weekend.

Listening to A Mind Of Her Own by Pedro The Lion

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Anonymous said...

OR 2a) if you're in an elevator with your girlfriend, she'll probably make out with you.