Thursday, March 15

Julius Caesar Had It Coming

Happy Ides of March every body! On this day I always like to thank my lucky stars that I am not a roman general who upon a successful victory in Gaul was made a Tyrant only to be stabbed by one he trusted and thought loyal. Augustus was a more interesting figure. I’m glad he won the civil war that followed and not Cassius.

Okay, I swear that’s the last post about death. Yesh! Three in a row. Although only Matt (if he still reads this) and Nando (cause I think he still does) I think would have bothered to translate the Latin in that last post…

Also happy Hungarian Day to all the Danube dwelling Bulgars out there.

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Matt said...

Shit, I didn't need to translate that. I sang Mozart's Requiem back in high school.

Have you watched Rome, on HBO? It's a surprisingly good show (takes place in the era you mention), I've been getting into it lately.