Wednesday, March 7

Looks Like Tomorrow (Part 2... I guess)

Most of the people who currently frequent my life, a much diminished circle I might add, have been thinking (one might say over thinking) the future. The “ifs,” “ands,” and “now-whats?” of life could interest me less when it comes to my own internal strife and day to day thought processes. For the moment anyway.

And that isn’t to belittle the people agonizing over, admittedly, important forks in the road. I just don’t really care about tomorrow all that much. It isn’t my normal apathy either. It just always shows up, and while never perfect, tomorrow tends be okay. Some of them better than others, some worse. In the end it evens out.

Today and yesterday always seem a lot more relevant to me. How you got to where you are and (most importantly) where you are right now are slightly more pressing concerns. You can’t discount tomorrow entirely. That would be foolhardy. There just isn’t a lot to do about it until it happens. You can work towards it, but after all is said and done the work and the struggle/journey/other cliché are what you admire and the where-you-are (in tomorrow theoretically…) gets a bit lost for all the agony and anticipation. I have begun (maybe a little) to enjoy the scenery on the way to wherever the hell I’m going.

But all that’s probably why I’m a History major (note the capital H) and a lazy fucker so much of the time. You should all go about you’re daily lives with globes firmly affixed to shoulders. I think I might walk outside and feel the snow on my face. After all I’ve shrugged the future and at present work is a little slow.

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Shah said...

it was 90 degrees today. there ae wild fires everywhere and gas is over $3. Its March and the we have daylight savings. It is hard not to think this is a weird dream o something.