Friday, March 23

The Kids Are Alright

What a week, and some change. I’ve been busy, but that’s boring (or so I have been told). I’ll keep this light.

I saw the Namesake last weekend. It was an interesting movie, Kal Pen does manage a dramatic role fairly well. Better than people might have expected anyway. The story takes a few turns that you wouldn’t have guessed from the trailers. Elizabeth was apprehensive about going to see it, as it does look awfully sappy from the commercials, but we were both entertained. I would say wait for DVD if you aren’t a big fan of immigrant stories and the relations between the mother culture and America’s melting pot…

I also saw This Film is not yet rated. I had no idea how the system worked but after seeing the documentary (about the MPAA ratings board, if you were unaware) I couldn’t believe all the crazy restrictions that they put on films. There are a far number of cheesy moments, the undercover PI in particular, but it was certainly an eye opener.

I’ve been out of my general TV watching orbit but after having a “pan-nerdom” conversation with Nando over Spring Break I think I’m going to have to check out Battle Star Galactica and Babylon 5. There will also be numerous comic book purchases in the future. On my list: the fancy 300 reissue (for the movie I guess, yeah, it suckered me in…), the rest of Neil Gaiman’s Sandman, Miller’s The Watchmen, Fables (sort of a fractured fairy-tales comic) and Hellblazer. I will forever be broke…

Pan-nerdom would refer to things dealing with all layers and subject that could be classified as nerdy. Including the original definition: a circus freak who bits off chickens heads…Just in case any of you wondering.

The weekend is a drive down with mike to SMC, a weekend of theme parties (and only slightly entertaining theme parties at that), study and maybe a little catch-u on reading. Oh and cuddling…don’t judge me!

Listening to Eleanor Rigby by The Beatles and Baba O’Reily by the Who
(I was feeling the British invasion today, next up the Kinks and probably Joy Division)

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